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To understand the differences between the 3 different styles of configured Custom Products lets look at each in some more detail:

  • Manual: This style allows the build up of a Bill of Material (BOM) unique to the Sales or Job Line. It basically presents the user with the ability to build a custom product via an enhanced BOM screen. The user can alter the margin / mark-up by component line, and therefore rollup the costs and prices to formulate an estimate for that distinct configuration. This method of configuring a custom product is ideal for industries that don’t necessarily have fixed rules and potentially have an endless array of end products that can be manufactured (i.e. The sign manufacturing industry).
  • Rules: This style allows for custom product scripts to be defined against the item and can facilitate pretty much any rules based product. In other words it wouldn’t be suitable for environments where there are no rules (Manual style is designed for that), but because of the nature of scripting, it can support industries where there are complicated calculations, questions that are dependant on previous answers etc… However, the main downside to this style is that it does require the ability to develop the custom script. Industries like joinery are well suited to rules based configuration because of their unlimited dimensional combinations.
  • Features: This new style, as pointed out earlier, sits in between the Manual and Rules styles. It allows for Features & Options to be added to a standard Bill of Material (BOM). The idea is that the product has a number of predefined features, and for each of those features, a predefined list of options. Each option then has a defined price, enabling the user to configure which feature/option is required for that specific sales/job line. The end result (like the other 2 styles) is that a unique BOM is created and used to generate a linked Assembly Order. The big advantage of this new style over Rules, is that it is very simple to set-up and maintain. Industries like furniture or motor home manufacturers are well suited for this style of custom product.
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