MRP & Inventory Replenishment

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  • Single Level Replenishment or†Multi-Level MRP replenishment routines employed.
  • The Replenishment routine combines current stock level, Demands from Sales Job and Assembly Orders, Supply from Purchase and Assembly Orders and suggests Orders to maintain stock Levels
  • Optionally compare Item’s Actual Demand to Forecast Demand to provide an assessed Gross Demand
  • Ability to expedite both assemblies and purchase orders
  • Nett-off current stock and Supply Orders to arrive at Day-Dated Nett Demand.
  • Progressively deduct demand from assessed stock level and, using Itemís ROL, ROQ, Order Multiple, and Lead time, create Suggested Orders.
  • Evaluation results displayed in Day-Dated schedule. Suggested Orders can be amended if required
  • Amended Suggested Orders can be confirmed and combined with Source-On-Demand requirements to provide a single Ordering List.
  • Additional facility provided to Re-Stock at other locations based on stock level at that location (Example: Van Stock).
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