Manufacturing, Engineering & Assembly

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  • Manufacturing incorporates making products to order or to stock from component items. You can choose the level of simplicity or complexity that you wish to use.
  • This ranges from an assembly order with no details, through using simple Bills of Material, or simple routing, to full use of combined BOM, routing and resources with cost rollups.
  • Orders can be generated on the fly, source on demand, from a prescheduled planned order, or as a configured custom product.
  • BOMs include setup, scrap percentage, can be as many levels deep as required and include component items, descriptors, and labour.
  • Co-products, by-products and phantom assemblies are also supported.
  • Each line in a BOM can optionally be linked to a step in the routing, and each routing step can identify the detailed resource requirements.
  • A mass global replacement facility is used for substituting items and a where used enquiry for BOMs.

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