How We Work with Customers, Consultants and Chartered Accountants

Whether you are a customer, consultant, bookkeeper, chartered accountant or business advisor we want to talk to you.

Over the past 10 years we have found that most people in business want a single point of contact for their business software needs. You expect the experts to know the intricacies of your business and give you direct answers to your questions.

So with this in mind, Development-X Ltd uses the consultant reseller channel to deliver Ostendo software to you to solve your business problems.

Development-X Ltd is the software developer of Ostendo Operational Software. supports all Ostendo customers through a network of experienced independent business and computer software consultants in Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands and South Africa.

Development-X trains and supports these Ostendo Consulting Partners in Ostendo operational software.

These Ostendo Consulting Partners train and support you, the business customer, in Ostendo operational software.

These Ostendo Consulting Partners are independently owned and operated businesses.

An Ostendo Consulting Partner will assist you with pre-purchase advice and after sales service. They will help you assess the suitability of Ostendo for your business and setup Ostendo to meet your specific business requirements. Their professional services typically include:

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