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Expediting is the process of ensuring that each stage of the Supply, Manufacturing and Sales process is started and completed on time. This covers:

  • Customer orders: By ensuring that Customer Orders are delivered in full and on time you not only generate excellent Customer Relations but also enhance the company's reputation for quality and reliability of both products and services.
  • Manufacturing: By ensuring that Components are available when required for Manufacturing you can control the workflow through the various manufacturing processing steps and prevent bottlenecks and/or under-utilisation.
  • Supply: By keeping 'On Top' of Purchases required by Manufacturing or Customer requirements you can make better decisions before a potential problem becomes a reality.

The objective therefore is to monitor Supply Orders (Purchase and Assembly) to ensure that they meet Demands (Customer Orders and/or Inventory Re-Order levels).

Within Ostendo this is achieved in the following manner:

Supply Orders:

Go to Requirements>Inventory Replenishments and 'check' the 'Expedite' checkboxes. This will look at the Demands for each Item and compare them against the Supply Orders. Where the Supply Order's planned receipt date is later than when it is required then it will appear in an Expedite Report. You then have the option to get Expedite the order(s) or make alternate arrangements to get the Item.


Go to Requirements>Order Inventory Availability and:

  • Define which Demand Orders are to assessed
  • Identify the priority sequence in which they are to be assessed
  • Define if you are allowing partial or complete order fulfilment options.

Ostendo will return an 'Assessment' screen which shows which Demand Orders are available to be picked in addition to viewing and assessing any shortages that may exist. This process also enables generation of documentation to proceed with completing nominates Demand Orders.

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