Productivity Tip 15 Use the Ten Minute Marketing Formula

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One of the things that many business people overlook is that effective marketing doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to do.

A few minutes spent doing some simple things can produce some remarkable results.

Here’s a good example.

It’s a very simple marketing formula that has helped many businesses to grow their revenues by 10% or more over a 12 month period. Best of all this marketing formula only takes ten minutes a day to do. So it’s called The Ten Minute Marketing Formula.

Here’s how it works...
Your goal is to do a minimum of four marketing activities each day from this chart.

Send out thank you card.

Give away one business card.

Make a follow up phone call to one person.

Ask on person for a referral.

Now you can combine these marketing activities any way you like each day.

So you could send out two thank you cards today and also make two follow up phone calls. Or maybe you could do one activity from each box.

The goal though is to do a minimum of four marketing activities every work day. Now four marketing activities a day is close to 1,000 extra marketing activities a year. That’s a lot of extra marketing activities each year and is the reason why many businesses that use this formula increase their revenues by 10% or more over 12 months.

1: Follow up phone calls

A follow up phone call could be as simple as you ringing up a client and saying ‘Hi it’s John here from XYZ business. Just a quick call to find out how you are enjoying the ABC product or service you brought from us recently?

The interesting thing about follow up calls is that very few businesses ever make them. And with at least 10% of follow up calls your customers will often mention an opportunity for a repeat purchase or talk about someone they know who could be interested in buying the types of things you sell.

2: Thank you cards

These work very well when they are hand written. A thank you card can be very short and simple like this: ‘Hi John, this is just a short note to thank you for becoming a client. I appreciate your business and know you will be delighted with your purchase. Kind regards. Your Name.

3: Asking for referrals

When you ask for referrals you might try something like this. “Hi John, I wonder if you could help me? Who are two or three people you know who might be interested in getting some helpful information on buying XYZ?

4: Giving away business cards

You can give them in a low key way to people you meet. Say something like ‘If you come across someone interested in some helpful advice around xyz product or service, feel free to give them my business card.

Action Exercise:
Use the ten minute marketing formula in your business for the next three months and notice what happens.

This productivity tip was written by internationally recognised marketing expert, Graham McGregor. Make sure you get a complimentary copy of Graham’s excellent 396 page E-Book ‘The Unfair Business Advantage Report.’

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