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A number of software developers and Ostendo Consulting Partners have integrated their business solutions with Ostendo by Development-X Limited to provide Ostendo clients with specialised functionality to meet a real need.

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Ostendo Add on Solution for Warehousing and Logistics

ASP Microcomputers

456 North Road
Ormond VIC 3204

Phone: +61 3 9578 7600 
Fax: +61 3 9578 7727


Contact: Robert Kogoi

Download Brochure in pdf Format – ASP Microcomputers Capability Statement  
Download Brochure in pdf Format – ASP Microcomputers Bio Living Case Study

ASP have been solving the challenges of improving business process through the use of technology since 1977.
The experience gained in over 35 years of designing and deploying successful fully integrated data capture solutions has placed ASP in a unique position to offer cost-effective, scalable, robust and efficient solutions to our clients. Our experience in translating business processes and functional requirements into user-friendly applications has always benefitted our clients.

ASPluris™ is just such a solution and extends Ostendo’s powerful functionality onto a handheld device.
Learn more by reading this case study showing how ASPluris™ assisted this Ostendo MYOB Client to solve their problem and improve productivity.

Case Study

Modular Mobility for MYOB
Extending your existing MYOB software into a complete ERP/WMS with mobility is now achievable.  ASPluris  provides Bio Living with productivity and efficiency gains in their warehouse operations.

In 2007, Bio Living was started by two forward thinking individuals who identified the need for organic and health food products in Australia.
Bio Living encompass a number of brands under their banner, from Organic Baby Foods, Pasta, Breakfast Cereals and Biscuits, to Gluten Free Food and a large range of Natural and Organic Skin Care and Cosmetics. Today, Bio Living has grown to be recognised as one of the major distributors of health and wellbeing products across health and organic food stores, pharmacies, convenience stores and independent supermarkets in Australia. For retailers they are becoming a “one stop shop” with over 2000 products in their range.

Project Objectives
To meet the evolving needs of a growing business and to have full visibility into the warehouse operations.  To reduce out-of-date inventory holdings. And to protect the investment in Ostendo and MYOB the financial backoffice backbone. 



Hardware and Software

What the Customer Said
The solution is an integral part of the business and we are glad we made the choice...  
“Since we have been using the ASPluris™ Solution with Casio scanners they have proven to be a great success.  As the business grew, efficiency was a key factor, particularly in the warehouse picking times. The solution has helped increase efficiency, picking times and errors have been reduced dramatically and order tracking has improved. Overall we are very pleased with the solution and would recommend it to any similar business.”
Lino Scognamiglio
Managing Director
Bio Living

Ostendo Add on Solution for B2B eCommerce


Level 10, 234 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: +61 2 8097 7910
Mobile Jay: +61 411 190 052
Mobile Earl:+61 457 117 309

Contact: Jay Hennock and Earl White

Press Release – Netfira will partner with Development-X to integrate Ostendo®: Read More...
View Video Clip - 6 Minute Overview of Netfira and Ostendo:

Download Brochure in pdf Format – Netfira Connect Commerce for Ostendo
Download Brochure in pdf Format – Netfira Webstore for Ostendo
Download Brochure in pdf Format – Netfira Electrolux Case Study

Pleasanton, CA, May 26, 2010 – Netfira, a B2B software solutions provider with operations in Australia, Europe and the United States has announced today it will partner with Development-X to integrate Netfira’s suite of products with the Development-X Ostendo Operations Software, the leading inventory and operations management add-on solution for MYOB, QuickBooks and Pastel accounting systems in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Malaysia and Singapore.

This represents a significant strategic alliance, since Netfira offers the world’s first solution to enable real-time electronic buying and selling between businesses of any size, and Development-X’s Ostendo supports multi-company, multi-user businesses to integrate inventory and crucial operational activities into existing accounting software to give users complete, real-time information allowing them to make accurate decisions and get faster results. Both solutions are compatible with some of the most popular accounting systems in use today.

According to Jay Hennock, Netfira VP ANZ, “We are very excited about the Development-X partnership as there are over 3000 Ostendo users in Australia and New Zealand who can benefit from the integration of Netfira to Ostendo, as well as new Ostendo users having a ‘tick-box’ option to use Netfira. Equally we believe a number of existing and new Netfira users would benefit by adopting Ostendo. It is the first time that an accounting software vendor partner has used Netfira’s SDK to integrate Netfira to its products. We believe a number of other vendors will see the benefits of integrating to Netfira using our SDK.”

The Netfira integration with Ostendo will officially launch at the Development-X Partner conference in Taupo, New Zealand on July 26, 2010. Meanwhile, Netfira is training Ostendo partners to become accredited Netfira Professional Partners and also implementing pilot demonstration projects. There are 40 Ostendo Enterprise Level Partners and 100 Corporate Level partners, all of whom are MYOB, QuickBooks or Pastel certified consultants.

According to Jeff Keith, Managing Director of Development-X, “The Netfira Ostendo partnership provides our users with real-time connectivity to their customers for product pricing and availability, and real-time ordering. Netfira virtually eliminates phone, fax and email processes, manual data entry and the associated errors. By adding Netfira to Ostendo, our users will be able to trade electronically in real-time with their customers, whether they are using, MYOB, QuickBooks or Pastel.”

About Netfira (

Netfira is a privately owned software company with operations in Australia, Europe and the United States. Founded in Australia in 2003, the company’s products, NetfiraSeller and NetfiraBuyer, represent a breakthrough solution for streamlining the buying and selling process. This business-to-business supply chain solution facilitates secure, real-time, end-to-end online transactions between trading partners. It also provides powerful, real-time information for buyers about inventory levels in their supply chain.

The products can connect instantly and easily to customers’ existing accounting software, including MYOB, Oracle, Peachtree, QuickBooks, Sage, and SAP. The Sleeter Group named Netfira as one of its 2010 “Awesome Add-ons for QuickBooks,” recognizing it as one of the most effective and transformational technologies to enhance QuickBooks.

About Development-X ( and Ostendo (

Development-X specializes in designing and developing affordable, off the shelf operational software solutions for small to medium size businesses including manufacturers, engineering and fabrication job shops, sales and repairs, service and maintenance, projects, trades, contractors and construction, wholesale distributors, exporters and importers and retailers. The company’s philosophy is to encourage clients to focus on their real business goals through managing the operational activity of the business and keeping their existing familiar financial accounting system. Over the past 20 years the Development-X team has discovered that business operations typically fall outside the scope of most financial accounting software systems.

Ostendo® Operations Software, as recommended by MYOB, Reckon (QuickBooks) and Usage Business Solutions (Sage Pastel), adds advanced inventory, job costing, manufacturing, service, preventive maintenance, distribution and dynamic reporting to clients’ accounting systems.

(All product and company names mentioned in this document are the sole property of their respective owners.)

Ostendo Add on Solution for Website eCommerce


Tower House
2190 Gold Coast Highway
Gold Coast QLD 4218

Phone: +61 7 5518 7738
Mobile Bruce: +61 403 099 873
Mobile Darren:+61 419 686 521

Contact: Bruce Carr and Darren White

Download Brochure in pdf Format – Web Ninja CRM Ostendo
Download Brochure in pdf Format – Web Ninja eCommerce Ostendo

With Web Ninja ecommerce you only need enter your products into Ostendo and they will be available to sell via your website online store. Cash sale customers purchase at your retail prices 24/7 and Account Customers place sales orders at their rates at their convenience. When orders are placed on-line they appear in Ostendo as a sales order for you to simply fulfill the order and dispatch the goods, no duplicate data entry required. At Web Ninja we can create a website from scratch or simply add the web store and shopping cart to an existing look and feel. From wholesalers to retailers, we can assist any business in achieving efficiencies and sales growth through the use of e-commerce.

Ostendo Add on Solution for CRM

You Grow Pty Ltd

9 Draper Mews
Adelaide SA 5000

Phone: +61 8 8231 4990
Fax: +61 8 8231 4990
Mobile: +61 416 203 966

Contact: Cathy Allington

Download Brochure in pdf Format – youGROW Sales Pipeline Management CRM Ostendo

youGrow is a CRM software system that uses Microsoft Outlook. The youGrow Ostendo interface provides the same functionality as the existing youGrow MYOB Accounting interface, with Sales Lead Tracking also. The graphical display of what customers have bought from you month by month will not be available until our next release – scheduled for November this year. Implementation and setup is easy – it is simply a matter of selecting “Ostendo ”, as the interface. Mid range accounting system users are traditionally seeking Sales Lead Tracking. youGrow Ostendo not only provides the ability to manage leads, but also provides a powerful interface to your existing customer data already held within Ostendo, to foster relationships to build repeat and referral sales.

Ostendo Add on Solution for Business Intelligence BI Tools


PO Box 16
Oatlands NSW 2117

Phone: +61 2 9890 2339
Fax: +61 2 9890 4649
Mobile: +61 400 282 734

Skype: christopher.millar
Contact: Chris Millar

Download Brochure in pdf Format – Alchemex Ostendo
Download Brochure in pdf Format – Alchemex Ostendo Case Study

Alchemex is a platform independent BI tool that extracts information from any number of similar or disparate data sources and uses Excel as a front end. The value that Alchemex adds to Ostendo is:

  1. Giving consultants and end users an environment in which they are familiar to build any report, or combination of reports;
  2. Start with a pre defined template set which can be installed with the product;
  3. Extending the power of the solution to include their MYOB and any other ODBC compliant data source;
  4. Allowing them to use the other Alchemex modules to enhance their user experience (security, web deployment, SaaS, OLAP)
  5. Allowing scheduling and batching of reports.

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