Inventory & Purchasing

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  • Inventory includes stock controlled items (raw materials and finished goods) such as source on demand products, custom made products and assemblies.
  • Non stock items that are not stock controlled are called descriptors and supplier catalogues.
  • Stock can be recorded and transferred against multiple warehouses and multiple locations.
  • Stock takes can be organised by these or by product or category.
  • The stock item code field is 50 characters long with a 100 character further description field plus 66,000 character notes field i.e. almost unlimited.
  • Extensive notes, images, documents, history and warranties can be linked to each item along with revision level, multiple stocking units of measure, serial number, batch or lot number, grade, colour, size, expiry date, barcode, manufacturer's name, brand, model and unlimited user definable properties.
  • Comprehensive pricing levels, quantity breaks, discounts, full cost tracking and cost change logging are incorporated in Ostendo.
  • Complementary add-on sales can be defined against the inventory item for prompting at sales order entry.
  • You can create warranties automatically when items are sold and create regular customer asset servicing for after sales servicing of products.
  • Ostendo allows negative stock.
  • A projected inventory availability enquiry screen and inventory forecasting are included along with automated inventory replenishment MRP functionality (re-order quantity, re-order level, order multiple, lead time) based on supply, demand, forecast and inventory re-order policy.
  • A mass global replacement facility is included for substituting items and alternative items option from the preferred supplier or list of approved suppliers with part number cross-reference and pricing information.
  • You can purchase directly for stock, jobs, assembly orders or cost centres using inventory, descriptors or supplier catalogues.
  • An unlimited number of supplier catalogues can be imported.
  • You can track drop-shipments directly to your customer's address or outworker's address and there is an optional purchase order approval control process.
  • The purchasing process includes Landed Cost with Multi Currency and multi tax rates.

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