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  • Ostendo runs on an SQL relational database and supports the multi user business from single to 100+ users. Ostendo is multi company ready.
  • Database technology has been extensively used for improved performance eg triggers, stored procedures, generators and exceptions.
  • An in-built Graphical Workflows Designer Tool enables you to create graphical representations of your business process flow and then display it within the Ostendo desktop for individual end users. The workflow can then be linked to programs, reports, views or even scripts, therefore providing a simple way of representing an end user’s daily activities.
  • The integrated high end reporting and analysis capabilities, query design and selection criteria have been stored in the database itself i.e. not in the executable file. The report writer and scripting engine gives you the freedom you need on top of the analysis, pivot and chart views.
  • The graphical user interface GUI can be changed by the user to Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7 look and feel.
  • The user can customise the menus to add external programs and files to Ostendo within its security.
  • The custom scripting engine allows customer specific routines to be created and added as a regular menu option also.
  • The Ostendo script scheduler allows scripts to be run based on predetermined frequencies and times for example automatically pick up emails and create timesheets and orders.
  • Opening lists can be customised by the user, as can the quick launch toolbar for commonly used menu options.
  • System wide alerts and reminders automatically trigger for urgent and important events as defined by the user.
  • Daily Key Business Statistics are sent by email to the business leaders and decisions makers.
  • The customer can also define their own compulsory fields for their business that users must input.
  • A complete transactional change audit log can be activated by user at any time.
  • Other tools included in Ostendo are an integrated spreadsheet with SQL query tools, general data import and export utilities across the entire database, right click mouse option to print or export data from screen lists, global name and code changing and substitution, image and document management library and graphical calendar views with drag and drop facility for CRM and jobs.
  • Ostendo uses the Firebird SQL relational database which automatically installs when Ostendo is installed. The Ostendo Database Utility allows the Backup, Restore and Validation (and if necessary, repair) of Ostendo Database files.
  • The Ostendo application itself can be run as a Web Server and when used with custom scripting the possibilities are endless for Web Services, Mobility, Remote Access and Third Party Software Integration.
  • Ostendo integrates directly with MYOB AccountRight Live using the API, as well as the MYOB AccountRight range including Standard, Plus, AccountRight Premier and Enterprise using the MYOB Read Write ODBC Driver. †This MYOB ODBC Driver is provided with Ostendo.†
  • Reckonís QuickBooks QBI versions interface directly with Ostendo. Reckon One online accounting integration to Ostendo †will be made available when multi currency is released in Reckon One in 2014 or 2015.
  • The Ostendo integration with Sage Pastel Evolution provides an advanced financial and ERP solution for medium size businesses.
  • Sage My Business Online MBO Integration with Ostendo is being developed right now.
  • MoneyWorks for Windows now integrates with Ostendo††and†
  • Xero online accounting interfaces with Ostendo Operations Software
  • A number of customers use other accounting systems with Ostendo for their business operations. Some businesses use Ostendo as stand alone operations software, some clients prefer to enter a few journal entries into their accounting system at the end of the month, while others have specific links developed for them using the scripting capabilities of Ostendo by their Ostendo Consulting Partner to directly update their specific accounting software. There is a range of options available to you in these circumstances. All you have to do is ask and make your needs known to your Ostendo Reseller.
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