Labour, Timesheets & Job Tracking

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  • Job sheets, job lists and timesheets assist the job planning and reporting process.
  • The business work time profile defines the available hours for scheduling purposes.
  • A graphical job scheduling calendar allows you to track your labour resources and schedule your jobs.
  • This drag and drop scheduling tool provides you with instant visibility of your resources and tasks including labour resources allocated to non chargeable work.
  • Ostendo supports varying labour charge out rates by customer and varying employee actual labour or direct costs linked to one labour code.
  • You can also track labour percentage complete against a task, job or project showing planned and actual labour to date and projected labour time remaining.
  • The custom data screens or more commonly called Data Collection can be used with barcode scanners, keyboard or touch interface simultaneously for such things as Shop Floor
  • Data Collection (Time & Attendance) or Job or Assembly Order Tracking.

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Ostendo® adds advanced inventory, job costing, manufacturing, service and distribution to your accounting system.

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