Productivity Tip 21 – Timesheets

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Timesheets record, track, and accurately report on the time that employees spend on jobs and projects in addition to non-chargeable and downtime activities.  The benefits include:

  • More accurate customer invoicing using actual employee billable hours
  • Billing cycles may reduce
  • Provides up to date information for Payroll
  • Helps increase profitability and assists with more accurate quoting/estimates 
  • Better understanding of your current and future utilization and productivity by comparing planned versus actual.
  • Enables the ability to compare Payroll hours paid to hours recovered in Jobs and Assemblies.

Ideally a Timesheet system should:

  • Be easy to learn and use
  • Record and track multiple variables such as employee, job number, project or site reference, task, date and so on
  • Be saved and stored on a central database for up-to-date information sharing
  • Provide various methods of data capture including:
    • Manual paperwork (traditional, easy to use and reliable)
    • Barcode scanning devices
    • Touch screens for the factory floor
    • In-house batch data entry
    • Import from external media eg PDA and PDT devices
    • Web and Phone enabled for data entry onsite or on the road

Ostendo allows you to capture timesheets using a range of different methods and devices including:

  • Key hours directly to jobs using hours or start/stop times
  • Record hours in the Custom Data Entry screen by keyboard, touch screen or scanner
  • Import from external sources, such as Spreadsheets, Email attachments, etc
  • Web enabled timesheet data entry
  • iPhone/iPad or similar device data entry (using scripts)
  • Tablets and PDT Devices (using scripts)

Once the data is recorded in Ostendo you can:

  • Automatically update Job and Projects with billable and non-billable times
  • Accumulate Employee productive and non-productive times and export to a Payroll system
  • Report on Timesheets using analysis reports, alerts, dashboards, and export to PDF, Spreadsheet, XML, etc
  • Allow management to inquire on labour productivity securely via the internet.

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