Who is Development-X Limited?

Development-X Limited is the software developer of Ostendo® Operations Software.

Development-X Limited:

  • Developers of business software since 2000
  • 30,000 + customers worldwide
  • Developed 15 operational, financial and utility business software systems
  • Programming language used is Delphi. Database used is Firebird SQL.
  • Active Professional Development Partner for MYOB, Reckon QuickBooks, Sage Pastel, MoneyWorks and Xero
  • Clients in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, The Pacific Islands, PNG and UK
  • Clients supported through a network of independent business software consultants and resellers
  • New Zealand business employing 5 to 10 depending on development projects on the table at the time

Development-X specializes in designing and developing affordable off the shelf operational software solutions for small to medium size businesses including manufacturers, engineering, sheetmetal and fabrication job shops, sales and repairs, service and maintenance, projects, trades, contractors and construction, wholesale distributors, exporters and importers and retailers.

Our philosophy is to encourage you to focus on your real business goals through managing the operational activity of the business and keeping your existing familiar financial accounting system.

During the past 20 years we discovered that business operations typically fall outside the scope of most financial accounting software systems.

At Development-X we make it our business to integrate these crucial activities into your business and your accounting system through Ostendo operations software, ensuring that you have real time information to enable you to make those important decisions that you need to make to remain in business and better still, grow your business.

15 Business Software Products developed by the team at Development-X Limited:

  • Ostendo Operations Software was released to clients in November 2006. Ostendo software provides enterprise operations to integrate with accounting software packages such as MYOB, Reckon, QuickBooks, Sage PASTEL, MoneyWorks, Xero and other systems.
    2000 businesses or about 15000+ concurrent users have used Ostendo for their business operations. The average license is 10 users and the largest is 100+ users.
    The largest group of companies has about 30 company licenses in different locations running Ostendo with their chosen accounting software.
    Ostendo is actively sold and supported in Australia, New Zealand, The Pacific Islands, PNG, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, some African countries and the UK.
    The Ostendo Consulting Partner Network supports the customers. Development-X Ltd supports the Ostendo Consultant Channel.
    Ostendo is used across most Manufacturing, Engineering and Fabrication, Sales Installation and Service Maintenance industries. Also mining in Australia and South Africa.
    Ostendo has become very popular with Importers and Distributors due to Ostendo’s strength in inventory and imported landed cost with multi currency. The POS features in Ostendo are an added bonus and great for businesses with factory shops and web stores.
    A large number of Plumbing and Electrical Trades Contractors in New Zealand and Australia use Ostendo for Quotes, actual Job Costing and Job Tracking and integrate back to MYOB, Reckon, QuickBooks, sage Pastel, MoneyWorks and Xero for accounts.
  • Ezijobz Software Series consisting of 8 Products in the range sold in New Zealand, South Africa and Australia (through Ingram Micro / Tech Pacific, Renaissance and Scholastic).
    Ezijobz is the original software product developed by us and released in 2001 with basic Job Costing, Quoting, Invoicing, Job Tracking and Expense Recording designed for Tradespeople and Contractors.
    Ezijobz Manager Series was next released on the new Firebird SQL relational database in 2002. These 6 Ezijobz Manager Series software products include Operations and Financial Functionality (to Cashbook stage, not General Ledger).
    - Ezijobz QuoteManager
    - Ezijobz JobManager
    - Ezijobz ServiceManager
    - Ezijobz BusinessManager
    - Ezijobz PDAManager (works with Palm PDAs and synchroniss with Ezijobz BusinessManager)
    - Ezijobz MBM Mobile Business Messaging (works with Ezijobz BusinessManager)
    Ezijobz SME Edition is the Business Operating System (BOS) which we released in 2003. Ezijobz SME is ERP software that is to say an Operations and Financial GL System. We developed this software with DBA Manufacturing in the USA. The product has since been renamed DBA Manufacturing Next Generation.
  • X-Sheet Editor and X-Sheet Viewer Software is a Business Intelligence Graphical and Development Tool developed and released at the end of 2003/2004.
  • X-Sheet Invoicing, a FREE Debtors Invoicing System soon followed in 2004. We developed XS Invoicing using X-Sheet Editor to demonstrate the power of X-Sheet Editor and the appeal of the visual graphical environment for end users.
  • The Small Business Pack was also released in 2004, being XS Invoicing the Debtors Invoicing System, plus Business Planning, plus Business Forms and Documents.
  • Evestigo released in 2005 was designed as a Business Utility Tool for the DIY Computer User to design solutions for everyday repetitive problems. Business people can use Evestigo Software on its own or link it to an existing ODBC compliant software system.
  • Fixed Assets Program developed in 2003 which has not been commercially released to the market.
  • Accounting Software Product with General Ledger developed in 2000. We have not and will not commercially release this product as the financial software market is very well serviced and overcrowded.

Please join Jeff Keith, the Managing Director of Development-X Limited and acknowledge our Clients and Consulting Partners in recognition of their business excellence
Customer and Consulting Partner Acknowledgements.

    Ostendo® adds advanced inventory, job costing, manufacturing, service and distribution to your accounting system.

    Development-X Limited

    Developers of Business Software since 2000 for...

    • Sales, Service and Preventive Maintenance
    • Engineering and Fabrication Job Shops
    • Wholesale Distributors and Retailers
    • Contractors, Trades and Projects
    • Manufacturers

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