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Ostendo Update 211 Notes Whats New in November 2015

Development-X supports Ostendo by releasing 1 or 2 large updates per year with new functionality and integrations to other software systems and hardware devices. The Ostendo software application automatically checks for updates every 14 days and alerts the system administrator when a new update is available for download. Development-X recommends that Ostendo customers communicate directly with your local Ostendo Consulting Partner before applying the latest Ostendo update or upgrading the Firebird SQL relational database.

Here is a complete history of the update/upgrade notes since 2006. The Ostendo HELP Menu also incorporates these new features.

The next scheduled Ostendo Update with Ostendo Freeway for Smartphones/Remote Tablets is due for release: August 2017

What’s Coming in future Ostendo Updates:

Future Roadmap

We would like share with you some our major plans for the 2016/2017 period. Although we will continue to enhance the core functionality within Ostendo, there are some key platform and technology developments that we’ve been working on, that will provide some significant benefits for Ostendo customers.     

2015 November Future Road Map

Some of the Key Deliverables for the new Platform 2017

·         The ability for customers to choose whether they run in the cloud or on premise. This is often overlooked with web based (cloud) products – not all companies will want their database in the cloud, or they may wish to have their own private cloud environment – we are providing the option for any configuration.

·         Web browser based user interface (native HTML5 & JavaScript)

·         Dynamic screens morphed based on industry / company / user specific rules

·         Screen captions and terminology user definable (i.e. different industry terminology and languages)

·         Freeway mobility scope expanded to include Sales, Purchasing, Warehousing and Manufacturing. Also NFC and RFID support.

·         Smart Role based screens – this is a new style of screen that allows for multiple business functions to be performed without the need to open multiple screens (tailorable at customer level)

·         Base industry templates that provide a customisable layer that includes the following components:

o   Industry terminology dictionary (user tailorable)

o   Screens that have the fields and logic to suit that industry (i.e. the Sales Order screen requirements are different for an engineer to order company, than they are for  a company selling high volume goods)

o   Tailored HTML help text (there will be base help and tailored help – that can also be customer modified)

o   Standard links/integrations that suit the industry (i.e. CAD, Industry EDI, etc.)

o   Operational flow logic that suits the industry style of operation

·         Simple to Advanced – Because of our ability to dynamically morph the screens based on rules, the system can be as simple, or, as advanced as necessary, for the customer and/or for a specific user. This will transform the user experience – only being presented with exactly what is needed for their industry, size of organisation and the level of complexity they require.

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