Integrating Ostendo into your Existing Accounting System MYOB, Xero, Reckon, MoneyWorks, sage Pastel and QuickBooks

Development-X Limited is a Professional Development Partner for a number of popular accounting software packages.
Development-X interfaces Ostendo with MYOBReckonQuickBooks QbiSage PastelMoneyWorks and Xero.

The Ostendo API Rest Service makes it easy for a software developer to populate the financial transactions from Ostendo (and other data) to any Other third-party software application. These include accounting software systems, webstores, ERP software solutions, business management software, cad systems, payroll and timesheet systems, warehousing PDTs, etc.

Ostendo also provides the facilities to export data in formats that can be read by most other software. Examples Include:

  • All Tables can be exported in either CSV or Excel format.
  • All List screens, which can be modified to contain a range of fields, can be exported in ‘XLS’, ‘HTML’, ‘XML’ or ‘CSV’ format.
  • A facility is provided to create Custom Scripts to perform a range of user-defined tasks.
  • Ostendo has a large number of Reports which can be saved in a selection of formats.
  • All Charts, Analysis and Pivot Tables can be converted into files of various formats.
  • Some Ostendo Consultants have integrated Ostendo with various payroll systems, shop floor time clocks and CAD systems, to name a few.

Financial Process Flow Charts for Ostendo Accounting Software Integration

There is a Sales Financial Flow Chart which sets out the Cost Centres and the elements used in the Sales processes, together with their definition of Debit or Credit. For the PDF file :

Click here to Download and View the Financial Process Flow for Sales

The Purchasing Financial Flow Chart covers Receipts, Supplier Invoices and possible Price variations; these are shown in the PDF file :

Click here to Download and View the Financial Process Flow for Purchasing

The ‘Jobbing’ type processing deals with Issues, Invoicing, Non Chargeable work and any variances in the Work in Progress, this PDF file can be accessed from :

Click here to Download and View the Financial Process Flow for Jobs

The Financial flow elements of Production Assembly is detailed for Issues, Receipts and variances in the Work in Progress, these are listed in the PDF file :

Click here to Download and View the Financial Process Flow for Assemblies

Ostendo® adds advanced inventory, job costing, manufacturing, service and distribution to your accounting system.

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