Job Costing and Inventory - Are you making these 3 costly software mistakes? Ostendo may solve your problem!

If your problem is job costing or inventory then read on to discover the surprising truth about why you should NOT replace your accounting system. Ostendo Operations Software may solve your problem.

Have you ever been told to ditch your accounting software for a more complex manufacturing or ERP system?

We used to believe that too. After all that is what the big companies do. So surely a small to medium sized manufacturer or service business in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa or Asia would have to do the same?

But the problem is, to stay in business and compete for new customers and price the work so you make a profit, you need ALL the inventory, job costing, manufacturing, service and scheduling software capabilities not just the financial ones. Actually your options up to now have been rather limited. You either:

  1. Install a complete new ERP system across the entire company which you don’t have the spare staff, cash and time for, then hope and pray that your Chartered Accountant can use it!
  2. Try and do it yourself with paper systems, spreadsheets and custom programs that typically only one person can access. Then you discover further down the track that very human problem “you know what you know but you donít know what you donít know”.
  3. Do nothing which, as you know, is business suicide. Not capturing critical business operations data is not going to help you grow your business, itíll actually destroy it.

Thatís why we created a better way. Business operations deal with the here and now whereas financial systems typically deal with the past.

So we developed an operations system called Ostendo that plugs into your existing accounting software to give you the complete picture of whatís happening in your business right now, so you can run your business smoother, make accurate decisions easier and get results faster.

As recommended by MYOB, Reckon, Xero, MoneyWorks and sage Pastel (Usage Business Solutions), Ostendo operations software adds advanced inventory, job costing, manufacturing, service, preventive maintenance, mobility, distribution and dynamic reporting to your accounting system.

The difference now is you can...

  1. Save time, money and knowledge by continuing to use your existing financial system. You do not need to start over again.
  2. Make your operations team more effective by putting them in the driving seat of the operational system which will enable them to focus on profitable work and the real business goals.
  3. Keep your accounts staff and your Chartered Accountant happy by using the accounting software they are familiar with. You donít have to retrain your accounts staff and you will always be able to readily recruit new accounts staff if you are using the popular accounting products like
    MYOB AccountRight Live, Reckon Accounts, Xero, MoneyWorks, sage Pastel Evolution and QuickBooks.

The good news for you is, if you are using any of these accounting software packages and you are in one of these industries, then you are in the right place.

Development-X Ltd designed and developed Ostendo operations software with you in mind...

Manufacturers and Custom Build Manufacturers
Engineering, Fabrication and Sheetmetal Job Shops
Contracting, Trades, Construction and Projects
Sales, Installs, Service and Repairs
Preventive Service Maintenance
Wholesalers and Distributors
Importers and Exporters

The most important thing you can do right now is take action!

Click on one of the links below if you would like Development-X Ltd to pass your contact details onto an Ostendo Reseller in your area to contact you about a:

And it doesn't matter what country you live in. Development-X Ltd designed Ostendo operations software for your business, with multi currency, multi tax and it is multi company and multi user ready. It even runs on the Microsoft Windows and Server operating systems, so how easy is that!

And for your convenience, Development-X Ltd has trained a Reseller Channel of independent experienced business software consultants who are ready to assist you in your business in your country. And if they don't live near by you, they are willing to support you remotely. Here are some of the countries Ostendo customers are supported in:

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Ostendo® adds advanced inventory, job costing, manufacturing, service and distribution to your accounting system.

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