MYOB AccountRight Live Accounting Software Integration with Ostendo Operations Software

Development-X Limited is an active MYOB Premium Developer Partner.

These MYOB accounting products integrate with Ostendo:     
- MYOB AccountRight LIVE
- MYOB AccountRight Classic Standard (formerly called MYOB Accounting)
- MYOB AccountRight Classic Plus (formerly named MYOB Accounting Plus)
- MYOB AccountRight Classic Premier (formerly known as MYOB Premier)
- MYOB AccountRight Classic Enterprise (formerly known as MYOB Enterprise)

MYOB AccountRight LIVE interface with Ostendo is LIVE and seamless just like a fully integrated ERP software system:-
It is important to highlight that Ostendo integrates with MYOB AccountRight Live via a completely new method to the previous integrations. In essence we now have a seamless integration (automatically occurring behind the scenes) that no longer requires a separate batch process to post. The frequency is set by the company effectively providing real time integrated financials. NB:- The MYOB AccountRight LIVE interface uses the MYOB API, not the MYOB ODBC Driver.

If you have changed from a MYOB AccountRight Classic accounting product eg MYOB AccountRight Premier, to MYOB AccountRight Live, then follow these simple steps to setup the interface for Ostendo Operations Software:

  • Optionally - Deactivate the GL Posting against all Users (in User Security)
  • Create or establish the security credentials necessary for the accounting system
  • Set those security settings up in our General Ledger Settings screen by adding a new record for that accounting system. Please Note: we deliberately copy in the computer name and path of the database so that if the database is copied to another directory or machine, this setting is invalidated (therefore avoiding postings to an online accounting system when using the copied Ostendo database)  
  • Establish and test the connection in the General Ledger Settings screen
  • Optionally Import the General Ledger Codes, Customers and Suppliers 
  • Optionally Export Customers and Suppliers from Ostendo 
  • Define the External Tax Codes against each Ostendo Tax Code 
  • Link the External General Ledger Codes to the Cost centres in Ostendo
  • Set the newly defined accounting system as the Default, and then define the frequency of Posting, the cutover date (when all financial transactions from Ostendo will post), the timeout in minutes (we suggest maybe 15 minutes) and the retry count of maybe 2 all in the System Settings screen.
  • Activate the GL Posting against the appropriate Users if they were de-activated.

MYOB AccountRight Classic range of accounting products use the MYOB ODBC Driver to interface with Ostendo:-
Development-X Limited supports the MYOB AccountRight Classic accounting software range using the MYOB ODBC Driver. The right to use the MYOB ODBC Read Write Driver for connectivity to Ostendo Operations Software is granted when you purchase and pay for the Ostendo License.

  • Ostendo uses Cost Centres to accumulate the financial data to be transferred to MYOB.
  • Ostendo provides the individual Customers Debtors Ledger and Stock Ledger.
  • Inventory Supplier invoice details and all the financial data required to maintain a General Ledger are collated in Ostendo for transfer to MYOB.
  • The actual transfer of data from Ostendo to MYOB is controlled by the end user customer, who decides the frequency at which to send the data across by batch from Ostendo to MYOB. The data is initially moved to the Interface Link supplied by Development-X Ltd. This allows for data verification and data correction before the transactions are transferred into the MYOB company data file.
  • The Link program is where the Ostendo Cost Centre Codes are mapped to the equivalent MYOB Codes, and the process of updating the MYOB database is activated.

Ostendo® adds advanced inventory, job costing, manufacturing, service and distribution to your accounting system.

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