Xero cloud based accounting software interfaces with Ostendo automatically and in real time

Xero with Ostendo. If you are using Xero in the cloud, then you will be pleased to learn that you can also use Ostendo for your more complex operations including inventory, distribution with retail, indepth manufacturing, service jobs and asset preventive maintenance, job scheduling and advanced reporting requirements. You can even take Ostendo on the road with you on Tablets and cell phones. Tablet users are free of charge with Ostendo. All you need to do is upload your Tablet data to Ostendo in the Office via remote synchronisation each day. Ostendo will then automatically update your online accounting system Xero. The Ostendo Xero interface occurs in real time, seamlessly and automatically, as long as your internet connection is running.

You can host Ostendo on a cloud server or you can run Ostendo on your server or PC and Tablet.
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If you would like to learn more about hosted Cloud Servers then please feel free to contact:
Gavin Dixon, Chief Executive Officer
Cassini Cloud Pty Ltd 

If you would like to speak to an Accountant about how Ostendo integrates seamlessly and automatically with Xero, please contact
this Xero Professional Partner who installs Ostendo for Xero Clients and Xero Users as well as uses Xero with Ostendo in their own business:

ABC Business Solutions

ABC-Business_solutionsSuite 3, 20 Masthead Drive, Raby Bay
PO Box 1748
Cleveland DC QLD 4163

Phone: 1300 533 361 
Fax: +61 7 3822 3155
Mobile Carol: +61 411 781 956

Contact: Carol Roberts

Client Count: 100 - 250
Users Count: 1000 - 2000

ABC Business Solutions project manages your customised Ostendo solution with Xero or MoneyWorks. We have a team that includes:-

  1. Qualified Accountants
  2. SQL Developers
  3. BAS Agents
  4. Experienced Trainers

With ABC Business Solutions you have Project Management that can include Business Development and CFO Services. Our team of Developers is run by a qualified Engineer.

ABC Business Solutions provides both skill and experience for a full ERP Solution, for small businesses or medium businesses requiring 30 plus users.

Our Ostendo solutions fulfil all the KPIs, Operational and Accounting requirements in the following industries;

  1. Manufacturing
  2. Trades and job costing
  3. Professional Service Industries such as Engineering and Architects, and
  4. Retail Shops

ABC Business Solutions can provide on-site training and support in NT, QLD, NSW and WA, and remote solutions via Terminal Server anywhere in Australia. ABC also supports clients in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and the Pacific Islands.

ABC Business Solutions has been installing Ostendo Solutions for 9 years.  From our beginnings in DOS Systems, and early Windows Systems, to 2014, there are 3000 businesses now running our solutions.

We provide FREE demonstrations via Web Meeting Software.

Ostendo® adds advanced inventory, job costing, manufacturing, service and distribution to your accounting system.

Development-X Limited

Developers of Business Software since 2000 for...

  • Sales, Service and Preventive Maintenance
  • Engineering and Fabrication Job Shops
  • Wholesale Distributors and Retailers
  • Contractors, Trades and Projects
  • Manufacturers

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South Africa


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+60 3 9223 3188
+60 3 9223 3188
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