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  • Freeway Screen shotsFreeway is an intuitive mobility solution for data capture in the field
  • Native Android and iOS application
  • Standalone without the need for network coverage
  • Customisable list driven user interface rather than hardcoded or forms based
  • Screens designed to scale from smart phones to tablets
  • Customisable Industry templates Signature capture with compulsory option
  • Multiple mandatory or optional checklists with ‘if then’ logic
  • Integrated phone, SMS, emailing, camera, GPS, Voice recording and Speech to text from within Freeway (dependant on device)
  • Rules, restrictions and settings by user

Back office synchronisation

  • Uses a 3G, 4G or Wireless network for user initiated data synchronisation
  • Full back office reporting and inquiry tools

Designed for

Electricians & Plumbing Trades Asset & Equipment Servicing Rural Contractors Property Management
Aviation Services Health & Safety Compliance Quality Assurance & Control Agricultural Services
Wholesale Distributors Manufacturing & Engineering Automotive & Machinery Dealers Professional Services
Auditing & Inspection Services Utilities, Oil & Gas Construction & Building Services Transportation & Fleet Management
Insurance Agents & Assessors Earthmoving & Landscaping Merchandising & Retailers Waste & Refuge Services
Mining Equipment Hire Food & Beverage City Councils

Key Functions

icon-checklist.jpg Checklists: mandatory or optional checklists & data capture icon-salesandjobs.jpg Sales & Jobs: creation of quotes, orders and invoices
icon-photos.jpg Photos: take photos or link to existing images on device icon-maps.jpg Maps: map and directions from your current position
icon-signatures.jpg Signatures: capture multiple signatures with mandatory setting   icon-notes.jpg Notes: internal or external notes
icon-timesheets.jpg Timesheets: record job times or throughput quantities icon-productandcharges.jpg Products & Charges: standard lists or supplier catalogues
icon-tracking.jpg Tracking: GPS coordinates and timestamps for On & Off site icon-enquiries.jpg Inquires: ad hoc user defined inquiries  
icon-purchases.jpg Purchases: creation of receipts for supplier pickups  icon-servicemaintenance.jpg Service Maintenance: assets & equipment 
icon-sketches.jpg Sketches: freeform drawings  icon-sms.jpg SMS: Two way text messaging 
icon-barcode.jpg Barcodes: barcode scanning support icon-audiorecording.jpg Audio Recording: unlimited voice recordings

Unlimited Users

There is no licence fee per remote user. Ostendo Freeway has an unlimited user licence.  

Branding and OEM

  • Re-branding for Corporations, Franchises and Hardware and Software companies
  • Customise and integrate the Freeway solution to other software applications

Contact details

logo-freeways.jpg Development-X Limited phone-icon.jpg 1800-151-251 Aus
email-icon.jpg phone-icon.jpg 0508-111-999 NZ

Ostendo® adds advanced inventory, job costing, manufacturing, service and distribution to your accounting system.

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  • Manufacturers

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