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Over the years our contracting clients and tradespeople have told us about their experiences with Ostendo Operational Software. Most of them work in the construction, plumbing, drain laying, under floor heating, electrical, air-conditioning, refrigeration, heat pumps, cabling, telecommunications, mechanical and contracting fields. See what they have to say...

“We chose Ostendo because the program looked as if it could suit our needs and knowing that the product was new to the market with continual changes being made to improve the product made our decision easy. We now have more control on stock and ordering. We have efficient and accurate invoicing and stock allocation to jobs. We also have good inventory knowledge – stock on hand, wasted stock and missing stock. Having job order and inventory control in a service based business is an important factor, I would definitely recommend Ostendo for your operational requirements.”

Carrie Stephens. Plumbcraft Limited.
Industry: Trades Distribution and Contracting – Plumbing, Drain Laying and Underfloor Heating

“I was introduced by our accountant to Ostendo. I like that we can create what we need when we need it. We have amalgamated several systems into one and we are able to track our jobs accurately. We decided to install Ostendo as we needed to do something better to track our jobs as money was sometimes lost if a job was not charged out. We hoped that in the long run we would recoup both the time and money. We now have accurate job tracking, so jobs are always completed and charged. We have valuable month end reporting and all aspects of any job are in one system. Ostendo is a good system that can be relatively easily adapted to the individual needs. There is good support and regular updates.”

Susan Sutherland. Talbot Electrical Limited.
Industry: Contracting and Trades – Electrical

“We wanted a system that handled the GL side of things as well as the job invoicing etc and we needed something more than Business Manager to set us up to be able to handle future growth etc. My initial concern about Ostendo was can it work for our business, and did it do what we want in a relatively simple way? Since we have installed Ostendo we have many benefits including; Tracking costs to jobs more accurately and effectively avoiding the risk of labour and materials not being charged out to our customers. This potentially saves us money and allows us to invoice our customers quicker therefore improving our cash flow. I like the job software side of Ostendo. It makes it a lot easier for our technicians to understand and use than purely accounting based software. It covers a wide aspect and has the complexity to be setup in different ways to meet our needs. I would recommend Ostendo for medium to larger service industries, those with good admin staff, and I would say that it is very good compared with other similar software and has the flexibility to support most needs.”

Kim and Glenn Powell. World Power Limited.
Industry: Trades and Service Contracting – Generator Electrical, Electronics and Marine Automation

“I heard about Ostendo initially from my Accountant. What I like about it is the flexibility in terms of information available for reporting and the ability to customise different areas of the system to suit our business requirements. We now have more detailed financial reporting. Another benefit is the specific invoice layouts available to different customers.”

Noel Richmond. Richmond Project Services Limited.
Industry: Trades and Contracting – Electrical

“From an Electrical contracting point of view the quoting and job costing package is an excellent tool. It is simple to use and the reports can be tailor made to suit individual requirements. It can be interfaced to our supplier’s price catalogue and stock items for accurate job costing and actual quantities can be placed against each job for up to the moment progress reporting. The specific benefits we have received from the Ostendo software package is quoting and job cost control and being able to integrate to MYOB accounting. Although we are possibly not using this software to its full potential, for the reasons above I would have no hesitation recommending Ostendo to any other user in the contracting industry.”

Ross Monk. Ross Monk Electrical & Electronics Limited.
Industry: Contracting and Trades – Electrical and Electronics

Ostendo® adds advanced inventory, job costing, manufacturing, service and distribution to your accounting system.

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